Going to a movie with a family a four can get pretty expensive (especially now). So growing up in a family of six, we didn't go to the movies that often...until we discovered The Adams Theater in Quincy.

For just $1 a ticket, you could go and have an afternoon of family fun. The Adams Theater was located at 602 Hampshire (now known as ONE: Special Event Venue). According to cinematreasures.org, the theater first opened in 1915, complete with box seating (which still remains there as of today).

The theater closed in the 1940s, re-opened with new owners in 1949, and was bought by Kerasotes Theaters in 1969. It was later renamed Adams Cinema and held 300 seats when it was split in two in the 70s. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and the theatre closed for good in 1999.

The building was donated to a church in 2002 and years later turned into ONE Restaurant and Bar and later ONE Special Event Venue.

My memory of Adams Cinema has always been a special one. My entire family had a fantastic time every time we went (all without breaking the bank). All that history is what really makes downtown Quincy unique.

What do you remember about the Adams Cinema?

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