I am a history buff and there's no state that has more of it than Missouri. That includes some of the state's swinging bridges although a driver across one of these 100-year-old structures now would require white knuckle moments.

There is one swinging bridge in particular that goes back 100 years easily. It's the swinging bridge in Brumley, Missouri. It looks innocent enough from above on Google Maps.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

However, if you're driving, you can expect the view to look like this. Be glad you can't see some of the holes beneath you.

roadlife morelife via YouTube
roadlife morelife via YouTube
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A few years ago, one family shared their experience actually traversing this old bridge.

The problem with a historic bridge like this is the years and the weather are slowly taking it away. Lake Expo reported that the Swinging Bridge in Brumley, Missouri was closed earlier this year due to structural issues. That's one reason this is now considered a historical location in peril.

The hope is that the designation by Missouri Preservation of the Swinging Bridge in Brumley, Missouri will lead to funding that could restore it back to its close to original state.

You should see some of the reviews on Trip Advisor of this bridge. Here's my favorite:

Grouch0 - "When I arrived a little after 1 P.M. there was a State Park Ranger there in his vehicle. I parked, pretended to be seriously considering overcoming the obstructions, then announced that it looked a little too challenging, even for a Subaru. He laughed and agreed then drove off."

It's closed for now, but it's a part of Missouri history that needs to remain even if it inspires you to grab your steering wheel a little tighter than normal.

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