I know you are sad that Halloween is over, but on the bright side, we're now in discount candy season!

Up there with February 15th and December 26th, we love November 1st because we can stock up on the store leftovers on the cheap! Many area stores have priced their candy to move so that the Christmas inventory can take over. Here's where you can find the best discounts on candy (while it lasts anyway):

For candy that is 50% the entire Halloween section:

  • Walgreens (Quincy & Hannibal)
  • Walmart (Quincy & Hannibal)
  • Kmart (Quincy)
  • CVS (Hannibal)

For 25% off:

  • County Market (24th & Spring)

The following stores have various discounts depending on the item:

  • CVS (Quincy)
  • Both Quincy Hy-Vee Stores
  • County Market 48th & Broadway
  • Shopko
  • County Market in Hannibal

And if you were planning to buy in bulk out at Sam's Club, you're out of luck. When we called this morning to see what discounts they had, they informed us they were completely out of everything.

So if you need even more candy then what your kiddos got for Halloween, those are some of the best deals we could find. And by the way, is it to early to put up my Christmas tree?

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