I love a good controversy and this is one of history's best. Where exactly is the world famous Daniel Boone buried? Missouri and Kentucky are in complete disagreement about whether their state contains his grave.

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Here's a fun project. Google "where is Daniel Boone buried" and see what happens. I can save you some time because I did it and the results are hilarious. The true story is that Missouri and Kentucky have fought about this for decades.

Here's what I've learned. Daniel Boone was originally buried in this cemetery in Marthasville, Missouri next to his wife Rebecca.

But, years later, Kentucky got jealous and decided they wanted/needed a tourist attraction (my summary, not necessarily theirs) so they dug up what they thought was Daniel Boone and his wife and moved the remains to Frankfurt, Kentucky.

It's worth mentioning that even Kentucky admits they probably didn't get all of Daniel Boone's remains. Whoops. Most who have studied the history of Daniel's time in Missouri and Kentucky and the controversial burial and reburial admit that the truth is that part of him remains (no pun intended) in both states. Can't we all just get along?

If you've never visited and/or seen it, Daniel's pioneer estate in Missouri is fascinating. No matter where his true grave is, Daniel Boone remains one of the most famous leaders in both Kentucky and Missouri history and it probably should just remain (pun intended) that way forever.

A Look Inside Daniel Boone's Missouri Mansion Built in 1817

Gallery Credit: This House via YouTube

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