It's been written that a wise person prepares when he/she sees trouble coming. With that truth in mind, I'm alerting you that you have just over 6 months to prepare for Missouri's most miserable day of the year.

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I was not aware that there was officially a most miserable day of the year, but there's actually a complete Wiki page created showing what calendar date it is in each state. It's determined by a reader survey asking what day they feel the worst combined with rainfall/moisture totals. Interesting science at work here.

So what is officially the most miserable day of the year in Missouri?

January 3

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So why January 3? Think about it. It's a couple days right after the holidays are over with. No more Christmas. No more New Year's parties. Just winter and lots and lots of clouds and did I mention winter?

I find it interesting that for Illinois it's January 11. I guess the Land of Lincoln takes an extra week to get depressed? Asking for a friend.

It's also important to note that January 3 may not end up being the most miserable day, but it's the day most Missourians EXPECT to be miserable. There is a difference.

All I can say is cheer up. You have (as of this writing) more than 6 months to prepare. Stock the fridge. Get some games. It's gonna be OK. I hope.

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