How much damage could a deer do if it broke into your home? One Illinois homeowner could tell you as they had a buck break into theirs and do more than $35,000 in a remarkable path of deer destruction.

This is a new video share, but I believe this event happened several years ago in Illinois. Here's part of the homeowner's backstory of the deer invasion that happened while they were at home:

I was home alone when I heard a large crash, glass breaking and running around downstairs. I immediately called the police thinking we were being robbed. The neighbors came to our front window and pointed to the back door making a deer rack motion with their arms. I looked down and saw a deer trying to get through the sliding glass door. It stayed there for over 10 minutes slipping, jumping upwards, and pushing its head and large body against the glass.

The amount of carnage here is really hard to believe.

That's gonna be hard to explain to the insurance adjuster. They shared the details of the cleanup cost and repair. Cleanup alone cost over $12,000 since the blood on the walls had to be removed by guys in hazmat suits. If you're wondering why the blood had to be cleaned up by dudes in hazmat suits, we're asking the same question.

Replacement of furniture, windows and doors helped the total bill clear more than $35,000.

The family member who was home at the time of the deer invasion did not get video of the deer and that's probably for the better. I would imagine that animal did not fare well after jumping through that shattered glass.

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