Missouri is known for its many waterways. But, what's the deepest lake? I'll give you a hint. It descends 220 feet straight down at its deepest point and it's probably not the one you think.

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I think this will possibly be a controversial choice and I'll explain why shortly. But, according to Missouri Life, Table Rock Lake is the deepest lake in Missouri going straight down 220 feet at its deepest place.

So what's the controversy? If you didn't know, Table Rock Lake is a man-made lake. Is the fact that it's "man-made" a problem? For some, it might be.

I'd argue this is a non-issue. Did you know that Table Rock Lake was voted the #1 lake in the entire United States by Travelers Worldwide? It's not surprising really. The official Table Rock Lake website mentions they equipped this incredible water place with 800 miles of shoreline.

What's the deepest natural water place in Missouri? I'm not certain, but Southeast Missourian mentions that Blue Pond in Bollinger County goes down 66 feet. That's deep for a pond.

I doubt you'll hear many people complaining about spending time at Table Rock Lake. The fact that Lake Palooza continues to rage and the crowds get bigger every year it seems is more proof that the fact that Missouri's deepest lake will also continue to be one of the most frequently visited, too.

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