This may be the first and only time you see an analogy that compares dangerous intersections with professional wrestling, but bear with me.

If you're trying to get a list going and start a discussion, the silliest question you can ask a pro wrestling fan is, "What was the most shocking "heel turn" (when a good guy turns bad) in wrestling history?"

Any fan knows the most shocking heel turn was when Hulk Hogan turned his back on WCW and formed the NWO. If you want to get a discussion started, talk about the SECOND most shocking heel turn.

In my opinion, the same rule applies when you start a discussion about the most dangerous intersections in Hannibal. As someone who checks the HPD and Highway Patrol websites every day for traffic crashes, the most dangerous intersection in town is a no-brainer...

Veterans' Road and West Ely Road

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Without having official statistics, the intersection of Veterans' Road and West Ely Road has got to be the most dangerous. Maybe half a dozen times a month, reports come in of crashes, usually because a driver east or west bound failed to yield.

So, if you want to start a discussion on the SECOND most dangerous intersection in Hannibal, here are some suggestions.

McMaster's Avenue and Stardust Drive

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Actually, if you turn off McMaster's and turn east, it's Pirate Pride Drive and you're headed for the high school and middle school. If you turn west, you're likely headed for a number of shopping destinations.

Highway 61 and Warren Barrett Drive

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Turn west off 61, you're on Red Devil Road, headed for General Mills. Turn east, and you'll eventually end up at the Admiral Coontz Recreation Center.

Mark Twain Avenue and Grand Avenue

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Near Hannibal's unofficial "front door," just east of the 79/61 interchange.

And, I would like to add at least what seemed to be a dangerous intersection, if only because we saw everything that happened because it was right outside our front door.

Third and Center

Google Maps
TSM Photo
TSM Photo

The east-west stoplight at Third and Center was taken out by MODOT a few years ago because things like this kept happening. In this crash from 2016, the car was eastbound, ran the light and spun the truck (driven by former Mayor Roy Hark) around and took out a street light. Since the light was removed, it probably wouldn't qualify as a dangerous intersection today.

So, what say you? What is the SECOND most dangerous intersection in Hannibal?

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