We have three dogs at our house: a small dog, a fat dog and a grown dog. All these dogs have something in common, they sleep and they eat. Dogs have it made because they can lounge around the living room at our house and live like kings. They get fed, they get sleep, and they get treats. What a life.

But when you get down to it, your dog becomes you. You sleep and eat and they do the same thing, only the dogs don't have to go to work. But some do, like police dogs, show dogs and cute dogs. I like them all, but it can be stressful when they all come running to you when you get home from work. They jump all over you. But that is OK because that is a sign of them saying, "Hello. You're back. How was your day?" At least, I think that is what they do.

Dogs have it made.That is ok because when they jump all over you, that means true love.


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