If you had to guess, what would you say is the highest-paying job in Missouri? Heart surgeon? Nope. College professor? Guess again. The truth is there's some job recruiting data that says to really cash in, you need to get a dump truck in Missouri. Seriously.

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Want proof that you really should consider getting a dump truck so your bank account explodes? Check out the highest-paying Missouri jobs according to Zip Recruiter. #1 is unexpected to say the least:

Dump Truck Owner Operator

But, how can this be? Zip Recruiter says that "they are an essential part of most large construction and demolition projects" and many companies choose owner-operators over those employed by a company.

How much can a dump truck owner-operator make in Missouri?

Zip Recruiter claims that a dump truck owner-operator in Missouri can rake in as much as $177,000. Cha-ching.

What other professions make the most money in Missouri?

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th best paying jobs are nurses including psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners. I have a lot of friends I grew up with that are nurses that would likely laugh (or cry) really hard at this idea.

I was also surprised to see pilot car operator as one of the highest-paying Missouri jobs. For all of the guide drivers that you see in front of mobile homes on the move, they at least are (allegedly) paid well.

The entire highest-paying Missouri jobs according to Zip Recruiter article is an interesting read. My guess is they don't know how much heart and brain surgeons make or don't think the rest of us are capable of doing it.

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