If you have a child attending QPS, I am sure that you are paying close attention to the appending teachers strike; I know I am. All attention has been focused on the meetings of QPS officials and union reps, but no one has said anything about what happens to the students.

We know this much: If the strike does happen, parents will then have to find daycare or babysitters to watch their children while they head to work for the day. In that case, you have to stop and ask yourself if daycare facilities are ready and able to take on QPS students during the day. I am sure they will need to figure out how many children they will have so they can prepare for breakfast, lunch and snacks and make sure enough adults are on the premises. Can they really prepare and equip themselves for that many children? Plus, parents will be required to pay the additional expense for their child or children to attend.

Everyone seems focused on the details of the strike, which I am too, and hoping that an agreement can be met. I’m not entirely sure that they have really thought about how this will affect students and their education.  Students just got back from having 2 weeks off and are just getting started to learn again. Will this throw everything off? Will the strike effect their learning time? Will this last long enough to affect the child’s education?

I am sure there are no right answers to these questions and I hope that an agreement can be meet so students, like my daughter, won’t be affected.

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