Five children were born into one family. Nothing really abnormal with that right? Wrong! All five were born on the  same day in February, but in five different years.  What are the odds of that?

This is the story of Carolyn Cummins of Clintwood, Virginia.  She was listed as giving birth to her first child on February 20th in 1952.  I thought to myself why would this be listed as a historical occasion.  I read on and found my answer.

After giving birth to her first child on February 20th, 1952 she then gave birth to her second child on February 20th, 1953 and then a third child on February 20th in 1956. Three children all born in different years but all on the 20th of February. Can you believe that?

Then imagine what happened in 1961?  You got it, the fourth child was born and yes it was also on February 20th.  Wow, 4 children all born on the 20th of February in different years.

That's incredible right? Wrong, because in 1966 the fifth child was born to Carolyn Cummins and that birth came on February 20th as well.  Five children in five different years and all on the 20th of February. Now that's incredible.

I imagine for Carolyn Cummins June 20 is also a pretty special date too!

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