Quincy, Illinois has gotten the unique distinction from a popular website as a small town with "Peak Midwestern Vibes" here is what they had to say...

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Onlyinyourstate.com has praised Quincy, IL as the small town with "Peak Midwestern Vibes" and I gotta say we totally agree with their decision! In the article, they mention things like Quincy has people who are down to Earth, a small-town feel, historic downtown with unique buildings and architecture, they even mention the 28 parks that Quincy has along with the riverfront and all the family-owned restaurants. To start the article they sum up Quincy perfectly saying...

"There’s just something about the Midwest that many of us love. Whether it’s the friendly people, slower pace, lower cost of living, charming small towns and cities, or outdoor recreation, the Midwest can offer a great quality of life. One small city in Illinois epitomizes Midwest vibes, and that small city is Quincy."

To read the whole article for yourself and to check out the photos of Quincy they use in the article (photos like City Hall, the Amtrak stop, and historic Patio sign) click here!

I really love this article from Onlyinyourstate.com they praise Quincy in the perfect way Quincy deserves to be praised, yes Quincy has problems (like potholes, wild weather swings, and no Chick-Fil-A) but those are all things that make a midwestern town a midwestern town, so I think Quincy does perfectly sum up what it is like to be a midwestern town. I will say the only thing that could have made the article better is if they shouted out the incredible radio stations in Quincy like KICK-FM and the Eagle!

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