As we approach Christmas Day it amazes me how people become just a little bit different in how they look at things. Those with little compassion seem to dig deep and find some. Those who normally are distant become a little more accessible and those who race 300 miles an hour find a way to slow it down just a little. Those who pass on helping other people dig deep in their pockets to give a buck or two to those in need without question.

Christmas just finds a way to bring out the best in most people. Why is that? Basically, I think people are genuinely kind human beings who would help others when needed.  They just need Christmas to remind them. The real question is how can we make that Christmas feeling last all year long? It starts with each one of us wanting that to happen.

So when the Christmas Church services are done, the Christmas presents have all been opened and the Christmas tree has been taken down, take a minute each day to recognize just how good you really have it and make an effort to help the people who don't.  When you do, your Christmas will never end on December 25.

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