I love the internet. If not for its existence, I would be unable to travel back in time and watch completely gnarly Chicagoland commercials from 1985. Thankfully, we all can and it's a real throwback.

I found several YouTube channels who exist almost entirely to find old commercials from the past. Here's a little bit of what they shared:

A selection of local commercials that aired on Chicago television during the fall of 1985: Harlem Furniture, First Metropolitan Builders, Bert Weinman Ford, Lincoln Carpeting, Evening Tides Waterbeds, Kelly Kean Nissan.

Prepare for hair styles that would make Aqua Net proud.

But, wait. There's more. Someone else decided to tape late-night movies in Chicago around 1986 including some of the many commercials airing that night.

Crazy-eyed lady, I remember you.

If you've got even more time on your hands, there's a super-long VHS (yes, VHS) recording from 1982.

Ah, the days when people went to the grocery store to smell fruit. Those were good times.

There's no lack of retro YouTube channels, but I thought I'd share these because of their focus on 1980's Chicago which was a land unto itself. Be glad I'm not sharing the Bears Super Bowl Shuffle at least.

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