Well, this is unexpected but makes more sense the more I think about it. One of the best places for vampires in America is in Illinois and the reasons why will hopefully make you laugh and/or cringe.

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I always enjoy content like this from our friends at Lawn Love. You wouldn't think a lawn-focused website would be so creative, but they certainly are. They just shared a new study about the best places in America for vampires and included this handy map.

Infographic, Lawn Love
Infographic, Lawn Love

How does one determine that a city is a best place for a vampire anyway? Lawn Love says Chicago has "a plethora of potential victims and blood donation centers". They're not wrong. There are other metrics baked into this ranking also. Number of slaughterhouses and casket suppliers help/hurt your ranking plus it's a well-known fact that the Windy City has plenty of clubs filled with people that either are or look like vampires. Win!

St. Louis, Missouri gets an honorable mention coming in as the 21st best city for vampires. I once attended a St. Louis Blues hockey game where a lot of blood was spilled (Thank Tony Twist). That probably helped St. Lou into the top 25 a little bit.

The entire Lawn Love article is a fun read of you consider yourself a child of the night (or just like vampire movies). Wonder if The Lost Boys is on any of the streaming services yet?

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