Quincy is filled with history from architecture, arts, and businesses Quincy has come a long way. You can search Quincy, IL on YouTube and fund several "back in the day" videos of what Quincy used to look like.

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I am a huge history buff, so I just love watching videos of what buildings used to be. The sight where First Bankers Trust (12th & Broadway) use to be the side of an old white building. Pictures of what Maine street looked like are amazing and its awesome to see the buildings still there.

In one of the pictures you see farm land, and now its streets and businesses. Central State Bank (located at 12th & Jefferson) used to be a burger restaurant. I mean how cool is that! Even the corner of 24th and Broadway where Townsquare Media is located shows what the Durst Building looked like back in the day.

Some other historic sites in the video includes the Quincy Appliance building, the old McLaughln Auto Supply building, and can you guess where the old Woolworth's building was? Did you know Quincy has a Volkswagen dealer?

There is so much history watching this video I wish I was in Quincy at that and to watch it grow into what it is today. Take a minute or two and watch this video and a piece of Quincy’s history. It’s really amazing to see how far the city has come, and to think what the future will look like.

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