You can file this under "you know you're having a good day when". A new video share captures the moment some very lucky Missouri dudes found a dumpster full of donuts.

This apparently happened near Springfield, Missouri which is more than a coincidence in my opinion. I'll explain later in this article. First things first. Here's how the geniuses explained how this happened:

This video was taken after a night out with the boys, we wanted donuts, and nowhere was open so we decided to check the dumpsters.

I was gonna ask why they felt like dumpsters was a good idea, but then I remember my days growing up in Missouri and answered my own question.

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Now, back to my theory about why the fact this happened in Springfield is important. When you think of donuts, you likely think first of Homer Simpson. Right? Where does Homer Simpson call home? SPRINGFIELD.

You can call it a funny coincidence. I call it poetic donut justice. Dudes fine motherlode of pastry in a Springfield, Missouri dumpster.

Homer Simpson would be so proud right now.

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