I've seen a lot of ghostbusting attempts in my life, but this is one of the most entertaining. It was a group of Illinois ghostbusters who decided it would be a good idea to host a bingo game with an entity they discovered. Spoiler Alert - they lost.

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Credit to Ghostly Travels With Zac on YouTube for this fun adventure in an abandoned nursing home in Illinois. Here's the backstory as provided by Zac on his video:

Stuff happened here that would change my mind on nursing homes...Come watch as we attempt to play Bingo and get the spirits involved here at Pine Lawn Manor in Illinois. The activity only increased as the night went on.

The bingo game begins around the 25 minute mark. There is a legitimate creepy moment when they're asking the "spirits" if they're ready to play bingo and if so, to turn the light on their detector off as they count down...and that's exactly what happened. Wow.

I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but after the "ghost" won the bingo game, they asked if it would come down to get its prize and their EMF meters spiked. Hey, the undead get excited about bingo wins. Can you blame them?

There are a lot of other legitimately interesting discoveries they make during their investigation, so I'd recommend watching their video if you have the time. For me, the ghostly bingo game remains the high point though.

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