There's enough serious news in the world that I think this video moment can provide some welcome relief. It's the moment when a border collie in Missouri saw a frozen lake as a challenger and decided to take on the non-moving water source head on. Literally.

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This dog versus pond moment happened a few days ago in Joplin, Missouri. Here's the backstory the family provided:

This video is of my 15-year-old daughter and her Border Collie, Zofi. My daughter had stepped out onto the shallow part of the pond and stomped the ice to see if it would break. She called me over when she saw Zofi’s reaction. I started recording before Zofi leaped and wiped out.

NOTE: No dogs or humans were harmed in this dive bomb dog moment.

When I first saw this being shared, I thought "please get off the frozen pond". At least it's the shallow part where no real danger is likely involved. Then I recalled the probably half million times I did it when I was a kid at my grandma's farm. Guess I should lighten up about everything being "dangerous" now.

If nothing else, this is some comic relief provided by a Missouri canine who thought a pond was challenging her.

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