I recently published recommendations of horror movies that are available to stream on Netflix in the month of October. It's the time of year when people love to watch scary movies, and Netflix has several to choose from. Many of them are pretty good movies, but some are just awful movies. Here are five you should probably avoid at all costs. 

  • Darkness Falls

    Here's an idea! What if the Tooth Fairy was evil?! Sounds kind of dumb, right? It's actually even dumber than it sounds. I bought a ticket to this movie when it was a new release. I didn't walk out, but probably should have. I kept thinking it might get better. It never did. The Tooth Fairy really isn't a very good horror movie villain.

  • Dracula 3000

    Dracula... in space! This movie was not only a goofy concept, but it was terribly done. Most amateur YouTube videos look more professional than Dracula 3000. It's been several years since I saw this "film," but I remember that the movie just ended abruptly. Nothing was wrapped up, the movie didn't lead toward a conclusion, it just ended. On the other hand, it was so painful to watch that I was grateful it was over.

  • The Raven

    I had slightly high hopes for this movie, where John Cusack plays Edgar Allan Poe. It was sort of a horror movie, but also kind of an action movie, and it wasn't very good at either genre. Big disappointment.

  • Evil Dead 2

    I realize this might be a controversial choice, but I just don't get the appeal of the Evil Dead franchise. I've seen the originals, the remakes, and the first half hour or so of Army of Darkness. I can't get past the first half hour. I've tried three times. Every single time I've tried to watch it I've gotten bored and turned it off. Somehow this series has a cult following, but I cannot figure out why.

  • Gargoyle

    Gargoyle was one of those movies that seemed to always be on the rack at Blockbuster. I almost rented it a few times - sometimes these low budget rental movies surprise you - but passed. Some time later the movie showed up on SyFy (this was probably back when it was still Sci-Fi Channel). I remember watching it, but don't remember anything about. That's how bad it was. A completely forgettable movie.

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