It's been said that everyone gets 15 minutes of fame eventually. If that's true, there's a truck driver in Springfield who just had his moment. He accidentally backed his truck into the river on live television.

I saw this on the Illinois Reddit page. It's a broadcast from Thursday night on Newschannel 20 in Springfield. Keep your eye on the white truck that you can barely see over the right shoulder of the reporter as he's doing his live report. You can see he's trying to back up the trailer to the river, but wait for it...

The good news is he successfully got the boat into the river. The bad rather obvious.

According to Newschannel 20's website, this is reporter Jakob Emerson and he was doing his report from Lake Springfield at Spaulding Dam boat launch. They report that this is a rather common occurrence with 4 or 5 people having pulled off this fun accomplishment recently.

The good news is no one was in the truck at the time. The bad news is this will be a whopper of an explanation to the insurance company. We hear they know a thing or two because they've seen a thing or two.

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