I knew from the beginning this was gonna be good. A brand new video share shows man ingenuity at its zenith. It's a Missouri redneck who decided it would be a great idea to knock a dead tree down with his body. Call your friends and grab some popcorn.

Here's the backstory behind this special "Show Me State" moment:

My friend Tommy and I were Turkey hunting in Missouri. When a slow and uneventful day of hunting was coming to an end, we realized one of the trees we were posted up by was dead. Tommy jokingly said “I should shoulder check that thing!” I said “alright I’ll film it” and the rest is history.

First, a disclaimer. I consider being called a redneck something to be proud of. I once tried to jump a Big Wheel over 5 bicycles. Nearly broke my butt bone on landing. It wasn't pretty, but I digress.

As a native Missourian that was born and raised here, I can verify only great things happen when two Missouri rednecks make decisions on a hunting trip.
The result speaks for itself.

It appears that Tommy has questioned his decision after he landed on the ground. This will be a hard thing to describe to the emergency room nurse.

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