You are hopefully having a great day although I doubt it's anywhere close to the awesomeness of this Missouri dog experiencing the windows down on a car for the first time.

We live in a complicated world which is why I love the simple happiness of this pooch so much. Forget your troubles and just embrace the fun of the air through your pug nostrils. This video was captured in St. Louis recently based on the share I also saw on Rumble.

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As you might imagine, the YouTube comments have been coming fast and often about this little dog's joy. Here are some favorites:

Jordan LeClair - "He's thinking "this is what I've been missing my whole life!? Windy ecstacy!".

debbie k - "Mom holds on to her furbaby. Furbaby saying aaahhh wind in my fur & I can smell everything along the way. I'm having a great day."

Bruce Greg - "Get that Puppy some dog goggles, and its safe air surfing for years to come! WUFF."

Many were alarmed that they feared the dog jumping out of the window in his excitement. Others commented about the sensitivity of dog noses. Party poopers.

It's a dog. It's pure joy in the fresh air and sunshine. The world needs more moments like this for dogs and humans.

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