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Two dogs from Illinois are feeling a bit happier after they were caught stealing edibles from their owner. Khloe (the happy dog) is just smiling away and enjoying her, well high, while the other dog named Kaori is looking a little loopy.

The owner of the dogs said

I heard them barking at each other as I was putting my things in the car. When I returned for my purse and coat, I saw a piece of wrapping paper on the floor near my purse that was on the island. I left to go to meet my friend for lunch and when I returned this what I saw. I couldn’t believe it and I was scared at the same time.

Don't worry both dogs are fine and back to their normal personalities. Just look at Khloe she is so happy, I mean look at that smile on her face, pure joy. Now she may have eaten something to get that happy, but you can tell she is just loving life right now. I wouldn't recommend leaving your edibles around, but this is just too funny not to share.

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