In the summer of 1991, Warrant, Firehouse and Trixter played the Hannibal Riverfront Amphitheater. Now, 30 years later, Erik Turner of Warrant remembers that tour and what everyone can expect when they return to the area for a show on Friday, July 23.

June 11, 1991 was the day when the Blood, Sweat and Beers tour landed in Hannibal. Guitarist Erik Turner of Warrant was kind enough to spend some time with us remembering those days and what the future holds for the band.

Erik remembered what life was like for Warrant right after they formed in 1984 and finally got their record deal in 1988.

Erik Turner - "Yeah, we built up quite a following in the Southern California area...we started in 1984 and built up a following in the clubs...we really had a great following before we had a song on the radio, before we had a record deal...We finally got signed in 1988. Felt like an eternity at the time and then our first album came out in 1989. We just caught the tail end of the 80's hair metal, glam rock, whatever...I call it party rock good time music era of the 80's."

It was the Blood, Sweat and Beers tour that Warrant was on when they landed in Hannibal in June of 1991. Erik remembered what that tour in support of the album "Cherry Pie" was all like.

Erik Turner - "It was great. For me, my personal memory of it...that was the one big headlining tour that we did...the Cherry Pie was like Christmas every day. We had pyro and explosions...lots of trucks and equipment and buses and 10's of thousands of people coming out to see was like a dream come true...a 15-year-old Erik's dream coming true."

Robert Mason who played in Lynch Mob back in the late 1980's and early 90's is now the lead vocalist for Warrant. He took over after original vocalist Jani Lane left the group for the final time in 2008. Although Jani tragically passed away in 2011, Erik has good memories of his time as they were buddies starting out trying to make it as a young band.

Erik Turner - "We had mostly great times with Jani. We started out together...couple of starving musicians in in an apartment together...and having a great time together and putting a band together...having it turn into this multi-platinum deal and selling millions of records and traveling all over the world...the bad times are well-documented, but I'd prefer to remember all the good times."

I asked Erik about a rumor that he once auditioned for Megadeth. He said that's only partially true.

Erik Turner - "It wasn't a full blown audition. Dave Mustaine had just departed...or got kicked out of Metallica...he put an ad in The Recycler...I went to his place in Huntington Beach and he told me about the project he was putting together and that was as far as it went."

As far as future plans, Erik said that Warrant is focusing on concerts with maybe some new music in a year or two.

Erik Turner - "Right now we're just focusing on playing live and doing the best job we can with that...there's always those riffs floating around here and there...but no one has been inspired to really write any songs...maybe in 2022 we'll write some songs and it'll come out in '23 would be my best guess...hopefully."

You can see Erik and Warrant for yourself as they perform along with Firehouse at the Hannibal Bar B Q Festival on Friday, July 23. Be sure to follow the latest on Warrant through their official website, Twitter, Facebook and the usual social media places.

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