Although I have never done it, I am sure that starting your own business can be a challenging venture. It is a venture that can be quite eye-opening and stressful, especially if it is the first time for doing so. Well, that is where the Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce comes in.

Once again the Chamber of Commerce is offering a local entrepreneur $10-thousand through its Business Plan Grant. The grant is a part of the Chamber’s Small Business Program which includes mentors, workshops, and other assistance through the Chamber. The Chamber has lined up a group of professional business people to assist anyone who applies for the grant. All applicants will be aided by a mentor who can assist them along the way to help them become successful in the business plan and development.

Each plan provided by applicants will be reviewed by those professionals. One business plan will result in someone getting the $10-thousand startup money.  Those not winning the grant money will receive constructive feedback from those professionals on how to improve their individual business plan. They will also be invited to attend a series of workshops that will be geared to a small business startup.

For more information on the Business Plan Grant Program contact the Chamber of Commerce at 222-7980.

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