As you drove around in Quincy on the Fourth of July you may have noticed that several homes had an American Flag in their yard that day. That flag was placed there as part of the Quincy Exchange Club's Flags of Honor program. Some 252 flags were loaded up and were placed in properties all around the city that day covering some 12 different routes. That flag you saw was one of the 1000 American Flags that make up the Exchange Club's annual Field of Honor which is displayed annually in November during Veteran's Day weekend.

You can have one of those flags in your yard for just a $30 rental donation. That flag will be placed on your property on four different holidays beginning with Memorial Day followed by Flag Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.

The flags will be set up in the morning and taken down at the end of the day by members of the Quincy Senior High School Football team.  It is a fund raiser for both the Exchange Club and the Football team. All money raised by the Exchange Club stays in the community to help the Exchange Club’s various projects throughout the year.

To sign up for one of the Field of Honor flags to be placed on your property 4 times a year for just $30, go to

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