If the plans announced today are accurate, thousands of Walgreens locations will be closing. The question is how many Illinois locations will be affected and when will the closures begin?

This store closing plan comes directly from the leader of Walgreens in an article just published today by The Wall Street Journal. Walgreens Boots Alliance Chief Executive Tim Wentworth says that his company is going in "a new direction" and they are looking to close approximately a quarter of their 8,600 stores which would mean somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,150 locations with doors shut.

How many Illinois locations will Walgreens close and when will it happen?

There were no specifics stated by Walgreens CEO Tim Wentworth other than they have already been evaluating underperforming locations and those stores will be closing over the next few years.

Walgreens in Quincy, Illinois
Google Maps Street View

The Wall Street Journal story goes on to say that this announcement of massive closures by Walgreens is the result of recent earnings reports and general company direction which includes what they term as a "pullback from the primary care business".

According to Scrape Hero, there are currently 547 Walgreens locations in Illinois. Based on the comments today, it's safe to estimate that more than 100 of those stores could be on the closings list once it's announced.

As this is a developing story, it will be updated once more specific information about Illinois Walgreens locations is released.

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