I've only been to Wal-Mart a few times, but not lately, but when you go now there will be a few changes once you step in to the store.

You've probably seen them in groceries stores, and pharmacies, but now when you shop at Wal-Mart you will have one-way aisles. I've experienced these one-way aisles, and it may be a good idea, but customers don't seem to follow them. Or they do and there are 6 or 8 customers in one aisle trying to get what they need. One-way aisles are implemented to keep people from social distancing, but on busy days it does not work.

All we hope for is that customers are polite and alert to others in the aisle and wait their turn to walk through. This will all pass soon, and we will get back to some normalcy, whatever that may be. Just make sure you follow the arrows!

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