Have you ever heard the song "Quincy My Hometown"? I had no idea this existed and now I can't stop listening! I found this video and clicked to see some old photos, but it was the soundtrack that really captivated me.

This video was posted almost six years ago and has just short of 9,000 views, so obviously SOMEONE knew about it (just not me).

According to one commenter, this jingle was written by a WGEM employee as part of a marketing effort. Can anyone verify that for me?

I know I've seen some of these photos before, and I was able to identify a few more. But some have left me stumped!

Quincy transit has sure come a long way since these photos were taken. Maine and State Streets looks different as well. I loved seeing Washington Theater in its glory with a large crowd standing outside to get in (I hope we see that again some day). Anybody remember Sandy's? That must have been the place to hang out on weekends, summers, and after school. And of course there's Winking's Market at the 1:18 mark (I love that place).

I've said that if I did not go into radio, I would have been a history teacher. I LOVE seeing where we've been and how far we've come. And this song is pretty catchy too.

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