Well, this was very unexpected. A new ranking of the safest small cities in America shows that 5 of the top 10 are in Illinois.

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No offense intended to the Land of Lincoln, but I'd bet my bottom dollar that if you asked most in America, they wouldn't say they think of safety when they think of Illinois. Perhaps they should based on a new ranking by Homesnacks that reveals Illinois dominating the top 10 safest small cities in America.

Absolute domination of safety from Illinois. Who would have guessed it? Here's another shocker. Almost all of these "small" Illinois towns are located in the western part of the Chicago area.

How did they determine which cities are the safest? It's numbers crunched based on property and violent crime per capita.

This part of Illinois is wildly underrated and it's also expensive. They're also not hard on the eyes. While most of the crime in Chicago is limited to the specific Chicago metro, the suburbs are quite epic in many cases.

The safest small cities in America are located in Louisiana and Michigan, but Illinois really is the story of this top 10.

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