I've got good news and I've got bad news. There is a quiet place in Illinois that was just named the safest city in America. How can that be bad news? Well, something happened there recently that was the opposite of safe.

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Let's dive head first into the good news first. Homesnacks just issued their 2023 version of the safest city for each state. They even included a helpful map.

Infographic, Homesnacks
Infographic, Homesnacks

As you can see, Campton Hills is the safest city for Illinois, but it gets even better. Homesnacks went further and named the "safest of the safe for 2023" and Campton Hills, Illinois is #1! Wonderful.

Now for the "but" in the statement about Campton Hills being safe. Just 3 months ago, the peaceful ways of Campton Hills was interrupted abruptly by a huge tornado that did big damage in the area.

Since it's not possible to list tornado damage as a "crime", Campton Hills is indeed very safe...the safest you'll find in America. Chris Harden who did a drive through the area noted that the town purposely limits the number of residents because they want to keep their rural atmosphere.

As Chris mentioned, this is an expensive part of Illinois to live in as the median house value is over $400,000 and the average income is over six figures. Cha-ching.

The best thing that can be said about your town is that it's the safest in the country. That honor now resides in Illinois in a town that really is safe - most of the time.

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