The Festival of Lights (known in the past as Avenue of Lights) will be back again this year at Moorman Park. Volunteers are needed to help get all the light displays up by Thanksgiving.

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Nothing says Christmas like riding in a car with Christmas music playing and looking at Christmas lights. Well, this year you can head to Moorman park for the return of Christmas lights. Many of the displays that we love and enjoy looking at are back again this year, and some new ones that we feel in love with last year. It takes a tons of man hours to get these displays up, and volunteers are needed now to make sure that all the light displays are up before opening night, which is on Thanksgiving.

With over 300 hundred displays will need to up and running before Thanksgiving night, and the need volunteers is so important for the Festival of Lights, to ensure everything is wet and ready to go. If you would like to volunteer your time log on to for more information. And make plans to take the family to see the display when it opens, and it will remain open until New Year’s Day.

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