James Scott was tried and convicted of causing a breach in the West Quincy levee during the Great Flood of 1993 causing a massive loss of property and crop damage. Nearly 30 years later, there's a new documentary and book claiming he is innocent of this crime.

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DISCLAIMER: I am NOT advocating for James Scott or anyone involved in this case. Perhaps I'm naïve, but I tend to accept the outcome when someone is tried in a court of law and found guilty. I'm sharing this because this documentary is coming from a very major media source VICE which has over 16 million followers on YouTube.

Adam Pitluk is a journalist who wrote the book Damned to Eternity asserting that James Scott is innocent of the crime he was convicted of. Adam used to be a reporter for Time so this is a person with major media credentials.

This new documentary was just shared on YouTube a few days ago. I'll give Adam credit for not only speaking with James Scott and his family but also prosecutors and those that do not agree with his theory.

I watched this documentary twice and even asked my wife to watch it to see what her take is on this theory. I think at the least it's worth the time to see what Adam Pitluk believes to be the truth.

I'll state the obvious that feelings and emotions about this case still cut deep nearly 30 years later. Thankfully while there was no loss of life in the Great Flood of 93, many lost livelihoods and time they'll never get back.

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