Ticketmaster reportedly may not sell you a ticket to a concert if you aren't vaccinated for COVID-19.

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We have been saying for months now how we can't wait for 2021 for the world to get back to normal, we all want to go to back to amusement parks, live theatre, and of course concerts. Well there may not be a normal life anymore as we knew it in 2019, apparently Ticketmaster may not sell you tickets to concerts, when they return, if you can't prove you're COVID-19 negative or prove you've been vaccinated according to TMZ article.

In the TMZ article they say...

"The ticket sales company is reportedly in the early stages of developing a plan that includes fans showing proof they've either been vaccinated, or have tested negative within a 24-72-hour window before gaining admission to a show...Ticketmaster hasn't established a date for when it will stop the COVID-19 safety measure. It's also unclear if it will issue refunds to fans who test positive or refuse to get the vaccination."

To read the full article from TMZ on Ticketmaster's future plan on ticket sales click here!

Would you be willing to get a COVID-19 negative test or a vaccine in order to get to go see your favorite artist in concert next year? My other question will be home long with this requirement last? Do you need to have a measles vaccination to buy a concert ticket now? This could be a very polarizing move from the ticket sales giant, will other ticket sites/venues follow suit? We will wait and see...



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