If you have ever been to the College Hill neighborhood in St. Louis you probably have seen these two large mysterious towers. Have you ever wondered what they were used for?

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This House, a YouTube Channel that I love to follow, explains what exactly are these two twoers and how much history they have to the city of St. Louis. The two towers are so tall that you can see the entire neighborhood from each of the towers, and get a really nice view of the whole neighborhood. These two towers were built to be standpipe water towers to make the City of St. Louis the only American city to have such elaborate structures.

The red-brick tower was built in 1885 and was almost demolished in 1913 when the city introduced a new way of receiving water and storing water. In 1970 the tower was added to the National Register of Historic places after it was restored in the 1960s.

The white tower is known as the tallest freestanding Corinthian column and stands at 154-feet. This tower was built in 1871 was designed to hold water and use, mainly for firefighters in the late 1800s. The water tower was shut down in 1912 and has been modified to include an aircraft warning light. Sadly, both towers are closed to the public but you can still get some amazing views of both towers from your vehicle.

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