It's not easy being a truck driver anywhere in America. However, driving a big rig across Missouri has it's own...challenges. A new video shared by a truck driver proves this point showing how "fun" it is to drive on Missouri roads.

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Brittney Richardson is more than a truck driver. She's a real personality who has created her own online reality series. Her YouTube description tells the tale:

After being disillusioned by Reality TV while pursuing her childhood dream of being on Television, Entrepreneur and Female Trucker Brittney Richardson faces her biggest challenge yet as she lays it all on the line to Film and Produce her own Reality TV Series while still facing the day to day challenges of being a Female Truck Driver.

Apparently Brittany's plan has worked as she has over 60,000 subscribers as of this writing. Here's a brand new video she just shared about how much she loves driving on Missouri highways. Yes, that's sarcasm.

Brittany recently shared another fun video of how a Kansas State Trooper responded when he realized that he was starring in a YouTube video.

That's one of the reasons Brittany Richardson has developed such a following online. Make sure to check out her channel for more fun videos. It's not easy being a truck driver.

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