Mayor Kyle Moore will be holding a Town Hall meeting tonight at the Quincy Public Library. The meeting tonight begins at 5:30 and is scheduled to end at 6:30. The main topic will be the future of Quincy’s trash collection as the City of Quincy is looking at other options in the way garbage and recycled items are collected. Tuesday night Mayor Moore presented those options to the Garbage and Recycle Committee for their review. One option the committee is discussing is possible privatization of garbage collection and administering a charge to customers of approximately $4 a month for recycle pickup.

Mayor Kyle Moore was quoted on WGEM-TV’s website saying “You’ll find few communities that subsidize their garbage and recycle because for every dollar that we subsidize our garbage and recycle system, that’s a dollar more that we cannot put back in your streets, your sidewalks, your alleyways, your policeman, your firemen”.

As far as yard waste curbside pickup, the city has not received any bids so they are now looking at another option for a free privately run yard waste site for Quincy residents to use.

Tonight's Town Hall meeting regarding the future of Quincy’s trash collection is open to all Quincy residents to attend.

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