Many of you (myself included) where excited to find out that "Top Gun 2" was not only happening, but in production and moving forward with a 2019 release date. In order to get ready for the squeal shouldn't you re-watch the guys play sand volleyball, with no shirts on. I mean that's what I remember most about the movie.

B&B Theatre in Hannibal will be hosting retro night featuring, you guessed it, "Top Gun." There are two chances to catch the excitement of Maverick and Goose, Tuesday July 3rd at 4 pm and again at 7 pm. Heck, watch it twice on the big screen, why not, it's hot enough outside cool off with a double taste of Ice Man and re-live the danger zone movie.

If you ever wondered what movies like "Top Gun" looked like on a big screen, here is your opportunity, and It's pretty cheap too. If you are a Backstage Pass Member it will cast $5, if you are not it will cost $7.


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