I just watched the new Tom Hanks movie "Finch". It's an excellent flick which has an unexpectedly local connection. It begins in a post-apocalyptic St. Louis. Seriously.

I hate spoilers and advise you watch this yourself if you have the ability to. "Finch" just became available on Apple TV+. However, I can give you the initial backstory which really doesn't give anything vital away and that's the fact that "Finch" begins in a (hopefully) future St. Louis after it has been devasted by a cataclysmic event.

The first giveaway that Finch is set in our part of America (at least in the beginning) is Tom Hanks is sporting a St. Louis Blues jersey.

Apple TV via YouTube
Apple TV via YouTube

I'm afraid to divulge much more of the plot other than to recommend that you check out the full trailer.

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I'm not alone in recommending this movie. Several reviewers on Twitter agree this movie is something special.

I'm not gonna tell you how to spend your $4.99, but in my opinion that's a bargain to get Apple TV+ for a month just to see "Finch". Highly recommended. Oh, by the way. The robot is a riot.

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