In a crossover that officially created the Tim Allen Cinematic Universe, Allen reprised his role as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor from his ’90s sitcom Home Improvement on his current (and now concluding) series Last Man Standing. The meeting of the Tims Allen was first revealed a few weeks back, but with the episode’s premiere taking place this week, there are new clips from the show.

They include a moment between Tim and Allen’s Mike Bond that became an impromptu tribute to Wilson, Tim Taylor’s wise neighbor from Home Improvement. Wilson’s gag throughout that show was that he mostly appeared from behind his fence, with just the top half of his head visible. When Mike opens a utility box, he inadvertently looks like Wilson, prompting a conversation about him where Tim reveals he passed away. (Earl Hindman, the actor who played Wilson on all eight seasons of Home Improvement, died in 2003, four years after the show went off the air.)

The scene also includes a joke about Tom Hanks, Allen’s co-star in the Toy Story series. Watch it below:

Fox also posted another scene featuring Tim and Mike interacting in his kitchen, where their remarkable physical similarity is compared to The Parent Trap, the Hayley Mills (and later Lindsay Lohan) movie about two identical twins who don’t know their sibling exists until they meet by chance and conspire to reunite their parents. Sadly, Tim and Mike do not undertake such an endeavor in these clips. Tim Allen does do his famous Tim Taylor noises, though. (I literally do not know what else to call them.)

The final season of Last Man Standing continues each week on Fox. You can watch full episodes, including the “Dual Time” show featuring Tim Taylor, on

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