I was on vacation from work last week and I did my best to refrain from listening to the radio or watching TV.  I spent basically seven days away from political advertising messages and it did me good to not hear them. I am sure you are as sick of hearing these political ads as I am. Political ads are ladened with nothing but negativity about their opponent and lack substance on just where the candidate stands on the issues. Should I believe these ads are accurate that we are listening to?  Probably not!

I can remember when candidates would NEVER mention their opponents name in their ads. To me that still makes more sense than multiple opponent name mentions in a negative light.

It got me to thinking that wouldn't a positive "take the high road" ad be more effective in this day and age? So I took it upon myself to record just that kind of an ad (listen below). I hope the advertising agencies handling these political announcements will read this, listen to the ad and rethink their "attack" approach.

I think, after you listen to it, it would stand out so much that it would be more effective than what is being presented to us now. So give it a listen and let me know what you think?

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