As most of us sit a home and are seeing a glimmer of a light at the end of the tunnel of the Coronavirus crisis, we are contemplating how our lives have changed over the past few weeks. Some are pondering their future lives as well.  Many of them are small business owners who are wondering if they will ever be able to rebound from this COVID-19 scare.

For small business owners, especially restaurant owners, the fight to remain open during this crisis has been devastating. So what is next for them?  Many have let some of their staff go and others have temporarily closed in hopes of opening up sometime soon.

Like all businesses, they operate on cash flow and the lack of cash flow now is killing them. They need help, not only from the Federal Government but from their customers as well and they need that help now.

So how can you help keep our local businesses operating now and in the weeks and months ahead? Easy, buy a gift card now for future use weeks or months later. The gift cards purchased today will build up the much needed cash flow now when they need it the most.  So when you order that meal, ask about buying a gift card as well. They can have your meal and that gift card ready for you at the drive thru windows or pick-up lanes in the area.

So help our local small business owners get through this troubled time. You will enjoy the fact they are still there in the future by helping them today.


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