With the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic we have all had to adjust to doing things differently including handling new found idle time.  I find myself thinking more about how things might be once this pandemic comes to an end. How will we be doing things differently in the years ahead? I have given this some thought to this and also how terminology will be changing as well.  The following is a post COVID-19 crisis scenario.

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I can see a guy asking a girl out on a date by asking "I was just wondering if you would like to social distance with me tonight? I thought we could shelter in place at the new Big Dog Restaurant and Bar?  What do you think?  I know they practice contact tracing there and it is an essential business."

She says yes and asks "will you be wearing your PPE tonight?  If so, I will as well". They agree on what to wear and he proceeds to pick her up at 7 that night after he puts his new license plates on his car with a plate guard that reads I am a COVID-19 Survivor.

Off they go and are locked down for two hours enjoying their wonderful meal. He ordered a herd immunity steak and she ordered a salad because she wanted to flatten a curve she didn't want. Unfortunately at the Big Dog Restaurant & Bar, they burnt his steak and the place filled up with smoke causing them to use a ventilator to air out the place which forced both of them to shelter in place back at his place. The rest of this story, which I apologize cost you about 2 minutes of your life you will never get back, I will leave up to your imagination.

You see one's imagination can really wander when you have all this new found idle time. In case you were wondering, my doctor's appointment is next Tuesday.  Worry not, I will be fine!

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