Usually we don't get mazes until the fall (and they're made of corn). I have to admit, the summer maze I just found is not only unique, but beautiful.

After a short drive south to Belleville, Illinois, you'll come across the very popular Eckert's Farm which, among other popular summer and fall activities, is now home to a beautiful sunflower maze. The five-acre maze won't last for long (just two short weeks) as the flowers will eventually start to die off. But if you can make it down soon, you can check out this incredible maze for just $3 ($1 field access and $2 to go in the maze).

The maze, which spans an incredible five acres, is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Tuesday through Sunday and it's just a three hour drive from Quincy. I have vacation coming up soon and have been looking for fun summer activities that are close by and won't break the bank. Looks like I might have take the family on a little road trip to see and try out the sunflower maze!


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