I've seen a zillion internet rankings of places and most of them are just opinions. In this case, I believe it might be provable by science. It's a Missouri town that has been declared the "creepiest" in America and there are a lot of very solid reasons why.

A major YouTube channel named Skidmore, Missouri as the #1 creepiest town in America. This video has been viewed over 3.6 million times since it was first shared.

As Wikipedia documents, Skidmore, Missouri only has a population of 284. Yet, it is known for having some of the most notorious crimes in the history of this country. 40 years ago, Ken Rex McElroy was shot to death in the middle of town. Buzzfeed told the story of how Ken was a well-known bully in Skidmore who's death was witnessed by dozens yet no one would talk to authorities so no one was ever charged.

20 years ago, Branson Perry disappeared in Skidmore with no trace of him found to this day. 17 years ago Bobbie Jo Stinnett was murdered in her Skidmore home and her unborn baby was cut out of her womb.

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There's nothing that would make Skidmore unusual. It's a small farming town in extreme northwest Missouri that was formed thanks to the railroad back in 1840. Was a curse placed on this land due to the intrusion of settlers or is this all coincidence?

A movie made last year called "Below the Fold" portrays the eerie events in Skidmore, Missouri. Yet another notch on the belt of the creepiest small town in America.

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