Don't go falling in love with her, Clark. This here is a RV...actually it's a tiny home in Missouri that needs some TLC, but does have some interesting possibilities.

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I found this beauty on Tiny Home Builders. It looks like this was built with a lot of love (seriously) by a family and now they're wanting to let her go. According to the listing, it's located in Shell Knob, Missouri. Brandon Renfrow appears to be the guy who shared the pics of the home and here's a little bit of how he described it:

Alright y’all lemme just start by saying this thing is awesome. This completely custom built mobile tiny home was built in the back yard by a kid and his grandpa, and a few extra very helpful hands. We tore an old bumper-pull RV down to its steel frame and built a home on wheels. 2x4 walls and 2x6 trusses built on 16-inch center. Double pane windows and thick doors. Roughly 50% of the construction material was reused. My other half and I lived in it for a little over 2 years, full time. Obviously, in it’s current condition it’s, dirty, unfinished, and unfurnished.

It's simple and needs some things done to it, but it's not bad at all. Judge for yourself.

This Missouri Tiny Home Needs TLC, But Has Some Possibilities

If it were me (and it's admittedly not), I'd love to buy this home and add a newer kitchen and add storage and some more compact seating to the living room area. Maybe you could convince the Property Brothers to let you on their TV show and help with the remodel. OK, probably not.

Current asking price as of this writing is only $12,345 which is less than just about any car available. Could be a neat home for somebody someday with some work.

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