If only this land could talk. It's a former Missouri Civil War battleground that many still believe harbors the Bloody Hill Ghosts.

This is Wilson Creek, Missouri. On August 10, 1861, it was the scene of a gruesome battle between Confederate and Union forces. Legends of America recalls it as the first battle of the Civil War west of the Mississippi. They shared the numbers that fell that day:

the loss was substantial, with 1,317 Union and 1,222 Confederate casualties (killed, wounded, or captured)

They also add that the battle doesn't seem to have ended that day for the fallen...

While visiting the site of this old battleground, many have reported seeing the ghostly apparitions of these long-ago soldiers, hearing noises that only be described as guns and cannons, cold spots bearing no earthly explanation, and, at night, the sounds of soldiers walking and talking in the nearby woods.

The creepy encounters at Wilson's Creek were chronicled in a Legends of the Ozarks paranormal show.

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In the middle of the battle of Wilson's Creek, the Ray family was caught in the crossfire. Their home was reportedly also used as a place to take the wounded and dying and now has become a focal point of paranormal activity. State of the Ozarks shared accounts of eyewitnesses seeing a small girl delivering water to the Ray House when no real girl was there.

It's common for visitors to hear cannons and gunfire when park guards have no demonstrations planned or occurring.

Wilson's Creek, Missouri is rich with history from that tragic era in American history. Many visit and hike through the grounds. Just know if you venture there, you might not be alone even if you see no one around.

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