I was walking into a store that shall go nameless the other day. While gingerly navigating over the icy parking lot to a very slippery sidewalk, an elderly couple was following me to the store's entrance.  As I held the door open for them, they said "why don't they do something about the ice out there?" It reminded me of myself asking the same question a few years ago under similar icy circumstances.

That's when I found an answer why some homeowner and business driveways, parking lots and sidewalks are not shoveled or treated. It all has to do with possible litigation against a business or homeowner if I slip and fall down hurting myself on their property.

I sometimes find myself shaking my head at some of the laws in this country. Apparently, by doing nothing, a business or homeowner would most likely not be liable if I fall down on their parking lot, driveway or sidewalk because it was an "Act of God".

Wouldn't a clean sidewalk be better for people or customers?" As an business or homeowner you sure wouldn't want anyone to slip on your property, but the proper legal thing to do is.... nothing.

"Act of God", not withstanding, perhaps it is time for a new law to be adopted to protect homeowners and business owners for trying to do the right thing by cleaning off their driveways, sidewalks and parking lots.

A new law just might save a few broken arms and hips in the future as well as a few trips to court as well.

The current law doesn't make any sense and it needs to change.

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